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Career Highlights

Dr. Pramod Patro, born on 25th June 1948, is the eminent Scholar & Astrologer and the well known social activist, who has dedicated his whole life towards serving the society by eliminating ignorance and spreading knowledge that helps the needy to follow the right direction through his motivational counselling.

A seasoned Law professional who has created a new height in the field of Law with the ability to fight for the society. Dr. Patro started his career in the year 1975 as an advocate at Chatrapur, Ganjam.

Dr. Promod Patro had an inclination towards astrology from his early childhood. With the lapse of time this inclination became the passion which was infuriated with the support and encouragement of his wife Late Rajkumari Patro. In the year 1977 he started research about the pros and cons of Astrology along with his career as a professional lawyer. At present he is serving the needy with his astrological counselling and is well known as the most accredited astrologer in the state of Odisha.

He is the most popular astrology predictor, viewers' faovurite daily horoscope presenter, the most powerful speaker recognized for his unique style of presentation in Odia electronic media and addressing many National and International conferences and seminars.

Dr. Patro started practicing Law in the year 1975 and is continuing till date. He is the Life Member of Bhubaneswar Bar Association, Chhatrapur Bar Association, Ganjam and High Court Bar Association, Cuttack, Odisha. He had his Doctorate in Astrology and Vaastu Science.

Dr. Patro was recognized as Jyotish Kalidas by the Vice Chancellor in 1st National Astrological Conference organized by Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan (Demed University). He was also honored with Utkal Sanmanna, Pathani Samanta Sanmanna, Peoples Choice Award-2013, Utkal Jyoti Sanmanna-2013, Jyotish Ratna. He also was crowned with Hindi Ratna Award by NRI Society of New Delhi for his social involvements and astrological excellence.

He is the Director of Raj Kumari Educaional and Charitable Trust and carries his individual social works in different Kanyashrams, Deaf Schools, Orphanages, and Briddhashrams.

Lifetime Achievements

Most popular astrology predictor on Odia electronic media

Viewer’s favorite daily horoscope presenter on Odia electronic media

Powerful speaker recognized for most unique style of presentation

Always centre of during debates and discussions on Odia electronic media

Widely accepted on medial for his logical thought based presentation

Addressed in many National and International conferences and seminars

Hosted in many special programs on Odia electronic media

Professional Career

Practicing Law from 1975

Life Member of the High Court Bar Association,Cuttack,Odisha

Life Member of Bhubaneshwar Bar Association

Life Member of Chatrapur Bar Association

Doctorate in Astrology & Vastu